violins 2015 Private instruction is offered to virtually all ages and ability levels.  Every week scores of students come to Hillsdale for private music instruction ranging from three and four years old, elementary, middle and high school ages, all the way to college students and adults.  Our qualified teachers can accommodate the first year beginner as well as the most advanced student.  Hillsdale offers private instruction in the following instrument categories:  Piano, Violin, Viola, Flute, Voice, Cello, Trombone, Trumpet.

Suzuki Strings / Beginning Band Instrument Group Lessons:
Small group instruction is offered in the following areas:  Band, Suzuki Strings

We offer a modified Suzuki Method Course for beginning string students. Students will learn the fingering systems involved with playing the violin, tone production through the
use of the bow, and various techniques like accurate intonation, proper bow holding, and beautiful tone, all while developing musical sensitivity.  The Suzuki Method of music
education began in the 1950’s by Japanese violinist Shinichi Suzuki (1898-1998).  Dr. Suzuki believed that the best and most effective way to learn music is to be exposed to it from a very early age. He called this the “Mother Tongue” method – young children learning to play an instrument in the same way they learn their own language: by listening, absorbing, and copying.

Tuition and Fees

Private lessons :
$110 month – 30 minutes, 4x’s a month

$155 month- 45minutes, 4x’s a month

$210 month-60minutes, 4x’s a month

Group Piano Lessons:

$60 month-30 minutes, 4x’s a month (2-4 students per group)

$15 month-Suzuki Class-at teacher discretion

Additional Fees:
-There is a one-time, non-refundable $15 registration fee due at the time of new student registration.

-Each private and group lesson student is required to pay for his/her own music books and sheet music.

For more information about Hillsdale Fine Arts Academy or to register for private or group lesson instruction please contact us below.

Hillsdale Fine Arts Academy~ (813) 884-8250 ext.285

Hillsdale Baptist Church~ 6201 Ehrlich Road Tampa, FL 33625