Suzuki Strings

The Hillsdale Fine Arts Academy offers a modified Suzuki Method Course for beginning string students.

Who can take this course?

HFAA Suzuki Classes are designed for children, ages 3-7.  

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What is taught in this course?

Students will learn the fingering systems involved with playing the violin, tone production through the use of the bow, and various techniques like accurate intonation, proper bow holding, and beautiful tone, all while developing musical sensitivity.

Who and what is Suzuki?

The Suzuki Method of music education began in the 1950’s by Japanese violinist Shinichi Suzuki (1898-1998). Dr. Suzuki believed that the best and most effective way to learn music is to be exposed to it from a very early age. He called this the “Mother Tongue” method – young children learning to play an instrument in the same way they learn their own language: by listening, absorbing, and copying. When the child begins learning, it’s “by ear” – music reading is deferred to a later time in the same way speaking comes before reading. Parents are involved in the learning process, joining forces with the teacher to create an enjoyable learning environment.

Dr. Suzuki also held to the philosophy of “Talent Education”- believing that every child has infinite potential. He believed that in teaching the child music, we are, in fact, creating a medium for the emotional and spiritual growth of the child.

Suzuki Courses Offered:

Suzuki Violin: (1 hr. group lesson and 1 half-hour private lesson each week) –  $210.00

Suzuki Cello: (1 group lesson and 1 private lesson each week) – $210.00

Suzuki Class:

About Our Instructors:

Ms. Eveyln Pupello-

is a long-time member of the Florida orchestra. She has been a professional musician most of her life and in addition to playing for a large orchestra has also performed throughout TampaBay in various chamber groups and ensembles and as a soloist. She brings a wealth of teaching experience to our staff, having taught private and group music lessons for various institutions. Mrs. Pupello teaches violin, viola, cello, and Suzuki Strings for HFAA.

Ms. Jill Thompson-
started teaching at Hillsdale Fine Arts Academy in August, 2013. She studied at the Eastman School of Music and was long-time violinist in the Florida Orchestra until retirement. Jill teaches violin and Suzuki strings at HFAA. She also professionally plays in public for special occasions and teaches Pilates locally in Tampa Bay. Jill brings incredible talent and skill to our faculty.

Call (813) 884-8250 for current class schedule.